Scuba Diving underwater video course by WolFang Digital

Digital Underwater Photographer & Video Course

Capture photos/videos of your Scuba adventures. Taught by established videographers and seasoned divers

Digital Underwater Photography by WolFang Digital

Record your Scuba dives

Learn from professional photographers and videographers to get the best shots

Underwater photography course by WolFang digital

Dive, shoot, edit, share

Get the whole package! We show you how to edit and share your videos and photos

Digital Underwater videography course by WolFang digital

Hands on training

We help you apply what you learned into action to help you get good in no time!

Begin your ocean adventure with us!

Explore the oceans to capture amazing videos in your Scuba diving adventures. This course is available to certified Open Water Divers. If you are not yet certified, we can offer you PADI Open Water Certification. Please ask us about this and we can start your sea adventure together!

Underwater Video Shooting Course

Why is our course enjoyable and so effective?

Your trainers are professional videographers and seasoned divers. They have spent countless hours perfecting their skills on land, in the air and in the ocean.
They are vloggers and filmmakers who value storytelling. They are qualified to guide you into producing engaging and exciting video stories and vibrant photos.
Ultimately, they are teachers and instructors who take joy in transferring their knowledge and experience to you.

The Novice Level of our Underwater Videography Course is a day course in confined water (in a pool) where we train Scuba divers.

The Intermediate and Advanced Level takes place in open water (in the islands). The fees will cover the trip, including accommodations, rental of gear and Scuba dives. These 2 levels includes video editing classes. You will spend the day diving and shooting while your nights will be having fun reviewing your footage, editing and planning for the next day!

Learn to put together a Scuba adventure video like this:

What you will learn:

  • Shoot professional quality underwater videos

    You'll learn how to get the best angles, lighting and position yourself for the best shots

  • Learn what's what about your gear and accessories

    From underwater housings to cameras and dive torches, you'll never be confused again!

  • Dive like a pro underwater cameraman

    Get the most stable shots in various depths and ocean conditions

  • Have an informed understanding of marine life

    You'll know how to ID marine life, learn their behaviours and how to film them

  • Learn to edit photos and videos (Int & Adv Level)

    Compile your underwater footage and edit them on your mobile device with music and titles to share on social media

  • How to assemble your personal camera gear

    And easily integrate your underwater camera rig with your dive gear

  • Manage your camera rig in the ocean

    Confidently handle your camera rig before, during and after the dive

  • Gear care and maintenance

    Increase the life span of your video and photo gear

Marine creature feature. Share your best discoveries with the world like this:


  • Open Water Certification / SCUBA diving license (if you don't have one, reach out to us and we can get you on a course to be PADI certified)
  • Basic knowledge of how to use a camera (on land)
  • A laptop for to learn video editing (Int - Adv level)
  • Camera and underwater housing will be provided for the duration of the course

Underwater Videography Courses:


RM 1,500

Per Student
  • 1 Full Day (2 pool dives)
  • Dive & Camera gear Rental
  • Island Trip
  • Review Session
  • Video Editing Class
  • Photo Editing Class
  • Certificate


RM 4,500

Per Student
  • 4 Days, 3 Nights (7 ocean dives)*
  • Dive & Camera gear Rental
  • Local Island Trip Includes Full Board**
  • Daily Review Sessions
  • Video Editing Class
  • Photo Editing Class
  • Certificate
*2 Shore, 5 boat dives **Excluding travel, ferry & marine park fees

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