Underwater Video Shoot


Underwater videography & photography services by WolFang Digital

Underwater Videography & Photography Package

Shooting a video or photo under the water or the ocean is one of the hardest challenge in the video content industry but we make it easy for you. With our Underwater Videography & Photography Package, we will provide you with an underwater Scuba team and all the necessary parts to make your production run smoothly

Our Underwater Videography & Photography package includes:

Underwater videography and underwater photography services by WolFang Digital
  • Underwater Cameraman

    Certified Scuba diver and cinematographer with full Scuba gear

  • Underwater Camera

    4K camera for video and 21 megapixels camera for photos with waterproof housing

  • Underwater Lights

    Powerful, wide and soft diffused waterproof lights

  • Safety Diver

    Certified Rescue Diver is on standby in the water for the safety of our team and your talent

  • Scuba Tanks

    For the duration of the shoot, we prepare Scuba tanks and regulators for our team and your talents

Land, Sea or Air. Hire us for your Video Projects

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