Tutorial- How to use a gimbal for steady videos

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Baron Abas using a gimbal for steady videos

How we use a gimbal to get steady videos while running with the camera

Getting stable, steady videos while walking and running is a challenge even for the seasoned videographer… until now. Our tutorial shows you step by step how to set up and operate a gimbal.

The gimbal we feature in our tutorial is the MGv2 from FeiYu Tech. But our tutorial has some valuable tips on how to operate gimbals in general so go ahead and watch the video.

We enjoy using the MGv2 because of its stronger motors compared to other gimbals. The MGv2 can hold heavier cameras than gimbals of similar build. The MGv2 also lets us hold it in several configurations. There’s a run & gun mode called ‘handheld’ and the familiar upright mode which FeiYu Tech calls the ‘Dual Handle Installation’. The latter lets us carry heavier cameras and offers more stability. This helps a lot when you’re riding on vehicles.

A few important pointers to consider are:
1) Camera Balancing
Getting your camera in neutral balance on your gimbal is important even before you turn on your gimbal. This is bacause your gimbal can work better to counter a shaky camera.

2) Motor Strength
Most gimbals have a smartphone app that lets you adjust your gimbal’s motor strength. This is especially important if you are switching from a lighter camera to a heavier one or the other way round.

3) Operating Posture
How you hold your gimbal makes a difference; having the right stance/posture will let you operate for a longer time before you get tired. Using a more suitable configuration, such as the ‘underslung’ or ‘dual handle installation’ mode improves footage stability when you’re on a vehicle.

We show you how to configure your gimbal properly to use it on a vehicle
We enjoy using the MGv2 because of its stronger motors compared to other gimbals. The MGv2 can hold heavier cameras than gimbals of similar buildBaron Abas (Director Of Phototgraphy)

We have used the MGv2 in many of our video projects. Some of our production take place on boats in the middle of the ocean. We love the MGv2 for its high tolerance to the stress of filmmaking. If you’re in the market for a sturdy, forgiving and high quality gimbal, the MGv2 might just be what you need. And we’ve already made a video tutorial to get your started!

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