Advanced Videography course by Baron Abas, WolFang Digital


HRDF Claimable Courses. Our trainers are industry professionals with at least 10 years of industry experience

Videographt Courses by WolFang Digital
Videography & Video Shooting course

Video Shooting Course

Learn to shoot professional quality videos from 20 year veteran cinematographer

Videography Course
Drone Pilot Training Course

Drone Flying Course

Learn to fly with confidence, shoot & edit cinematic videos with drones

Drone Flying Course
Smartphone video shooting course

Mobile Video Shooting

HRDF Claimable. Learn online: Shoot and Edit Videos on Your Smartphone

Mobile Video Shooting

Vlogger YouTuber Workshop

Vlogger YouTuber Course

Create exciting stories. Learn to vlog with confidence and how to edit your videos.

Vlogger YouTuber Course
Digital Underwater Photographer Videography Course by WolFang Digital

Underwater Video Course

Explore the oceans to capture amazing videos in your Scuba diving adventures

Underwater Video Course
Green Screen VFX Class

Green Screen VFX Class

Remove and replace video backgrounds using green screen

Green Screen VFX Class


Final Cut Pro Course

Conducted by an Apple Certified Professional. The industry standard video editing program on Mac OS

FCP Video Editing Course
PremierePro Video Editing Course

Premiere Pro Courses

Learn from a video editor and college lecturer. Most popular editing software on Mac and Windows platform

PremierePro Video Editing Course
Smartphone mobile video editing course

Mobile Video Editing

Combine a great video editing app with a highly experienced trainer in a small class for an enjoyable training experience

Smartphone video editing course

Corporate Photography Course by WolFang Digital

Corporate Photography

Company events, products shots... we teach you to shoot them like a pro

Corporate Photography Course
Portrait Photography Course by WolFang Digital

Portrait Photography

Shoot corporate profile head shots; learn posing and lighting skills

Portrait Photography Course
Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing Course by WolFang Digital

Photoshop Course

Learn to edit photos with Adobe Photoshop taught by pro Graphic Designer

Photoshop Course

FB live, YouTube livestream courses by WolFang Digital

Livestream course

Engage your audience, learn how to set up Facebook Live to grow your brand

Livestreaming Course

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