4K Video Short Film with Sony AX100

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Sony AX100 video sample in 4K

4K Short Film made with Sony AX100 4K Handycam

Have a look at our new 4K short film ‘Monkey Business’ which was shot with the new Sony AX100 and edited with Final Cut Pro X. We filmed this at Malawati Hill, an ancient fort known for the playful silvered leaf langurs that inhabit it.

As a tourist I needed a lightweight video camera that’s easy to use without complex settings. As a videographer I wanted to shoot in a higher resolution than HD. I got all these with this Handycam. Be sure to watch the Sony AX100 video in 4K.

Sony AX100 mounted on iFootage stabilizer ready to film in 4K
As a tourist I needed a lightweight video camera that’s easy to use. As a videographer I wanted a higher resolution than HD. The Sony AX100 meets these needsBaron (Cinematographer)

My subjects were shy and fast. The Malaysian weather was unpredictable. To add to that challenge, I brought along my hyperactive 3 year old daughter.

The AX100 with 1 inch sensor and Zeiss lens give your videos a filmic look

I’m happy to say that the Sony AX100 met all my needs. Editing the 4K footage in Final Cut Pro X on an iMac was very smooth. Vacationeers and travellers would enjoy using the Sony AX100.

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