So I’m Jenn | Singer Songwriter YouTuber | Online Commercial


YouTube star soimjenn by WolFang Digital

SoImJenn | Singer Songwriter, YouTuber | Music Inspires

So I’m Jenn, the bubbly singer songwriter and YouTube sensation who shares with us, how she rose to fame. Be sure to watch to the end, we have a super talented graffiti street artist who makes a mural from scratch!

We filmed a series of videos that showcase successful and vibrant individuals and how they enjoy the music that inspires them.

Here’s the end-to-end services we provided to produce this commercial.

  • Storytelling & Concept

    Craft the best story to sell your message

  • Scriptwriting

    Let us write your story

  • 4K Cinematography

    Complete camera gear & lighting setup with 4K or full HD resolution

  • Video Editing

    Includes color Grading, Video Titles, Motion Graphics, Licensed Music

  • On-location Sound Recording

    Includes our sound team to capture the best quality audio in challenging conditions

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