Review: Scuba Diving Video Light- OrcaTorch D910V


OrcaTorch D910V Scuba Diving Torch Review by Baron Abas

Let’s face it, you want your Scuba videos to look vibrant and gorgeous (as opposed to dark, grainy and green-blue) and using an underwater video light the OrcaTorch D190V is the best way to do this. Check out my review and tutorial. I show you some before and after videos; no lights vs using lights and the results will amaze you!
Some of the features of the D910V are:
1) 5,000 lumens of brightness
2) All-in-one battery pack (50 minutes runtime @ 5,000 lumens)
3) Magnetic charger (charge the torch directly without removing battery)
4) 3 levels of brightness
Watch the video to find out more!

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