Photography Tip #1 Make Your Subjects Stand Out


WolFang Photography tip 1

Product Photography Tip- How To Make Your Product Stand Out

One super useful tip about photography is background separation. A less distracting background in addition to a shallow depth of field helps your subject stand out and capture your viewer’s attention. To achieve a shallow depth of field, set your camera’s aperture to a low F number eg. F2.8 (or lower)

WolFang Photography tip 1- how to make your products stand out

In the example above, our subject is an Warrior X Turbo flashlight placed in front of fitness equipment. The flashlight is is clearly seen and stands out from the background. We used a setting of F2.8 to really throw the background out of focus so the attention is now on the product itself, the flashlight. This in turn keeps your subject in sharp focus and draws your viewers to the product. In this example, the Warrio X Turbo really pops out from the photo and leads your viewers’ eyes to it. Join our Photography Course to learn more

WolFang Photography tip 1- Olight Baton 3 Pocket Light

In this product photography of an Olight Baton 3 pocket light (above), we used a slightly smaller aperture at F3.5 blurs out the background, but not too much. This preserves some of the detail of the wood frame behind the pocket light.

In conclusion, too small an aperture (big F number) gives you a narrower depth of field, giving you a sharper background. A large aperture (small F number) gives you a shallow depth of field for a blurred background, making your subject stand out.

It takes practice to find out what aperture is best for your shot.

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