Aerial video of the Petronas Towers by WolFang Digital

Petronas Towers Aerial Video- Skyward Bound

Enjoy our new aerial video of the famous Malaysian landmark, the Petronas Towers in the heart of its capital, Kuala Lumpur. We have maintained the safest flights and this gives our clients the confidence to focus on getting that perfect aerial shot.

In addition to the guidelines outlined by our Department of Civil Aviation, some of our safety procedures include:

Our aerial video team wear high-visibility vests when working on location.
We implement our own set of safety guidelines in addition to those set by DCA Baron (Aerial Cinematographer)

1) We wear high-visibility vests

Our pilot and spotter will wear high-viz vest during aerial work so everyone knows where the quadcopter controllers are. More importantly, everyone knows that we are not to be distracted.

2) Shouting ‘Taking-Off’ just before we lift off. Shouting ‘Landing’ during final approach

This ensures that everyone on set knows the quadcopter will power-up and lift-off momentarily. During landing, this alerts everyone that our quadcopter is on final approach to the landing zone. Our spotter will ensure that no one wanders into the landing/take-off zone.

Our spotter manually recovering a quadcopter when children wander into our landing site.

3) Manually recovering quadcopter when children wander over or in tight spaces

We maintain a 5 meter landing zone whenever we have the space. But if we spot children wandering close or we are in a tight spot, we will manually recover our quadcopter during the final approach. We do this by grabbing the hovering quadcopter in mid-air at 6 feet off the ground so that the propellers never get near a child.

4) We actually have a spotter and never fly alone

2 pairs of eyes are always better than 1. Our spotter focuses on advising the pilot about the position of the quadcopter and alerts him to nearby obstacles. He also recovers the multirotor when the pilot decides the landing zone is obstructed.

Our aerial spotter using a binoculars to observe the position of our quadcopter.

5) Our spotter uses binoculars

We always fly our quadcopter within line of sight. Even then, our spotter always has a pair of binoculars around his neck so that he can clearly see the multirotor at a distance.

Our aerial video team always have a flight plan ready before take-off.

6) We always have a flight plan ready

Even before our multirotor is powered up, we do a recce of the area. We plan our flight path so we know every obstacle in our way and how to circumnavigate them.

7) We know how to react when GPS signal is suddenly lost

We train without the reliance on GPS signal. When GPS is lost during a job, we know how to react fast enough to bring our quadcopter safely back.

Power Management- we know how much it takes to get there and get back safely.

8) We are efficient at power management and we have plenty of batteries

We know how to calculate our endurance time from a fresh battery. We know how much juice it takes to get into position but more importantly, we know how much power we need to return and land.

We spend many hours on a flight simulator to perfect our moves and improve our flights.

9) We consistently log long hours on a flight simulator

Our flight training is not limited to the real world and the outdoors. We also spend time on a flight simulator to study and perfect complex moves and shorten our reaction time to unforeseen incidents.

With these safety measures in place and with our experience in videography, we continue to hone our skills. We can assure our clients that their aerial video projects are in good hands.

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