Official Videographers for Women’s Tennis Association Tennis Workshop

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Gimbal services for WTA Future Stars tennis workshop

DJI Ronin Services at WTA Future Stars Tennis Workshop

WolFang Digital DJI Ronin gimbal services at World Tennis Association WTA workshop

We had a great time filming kids playing with world champions and learning better tennis in WTA Future Stars tennis workshop. Due to the nature of the sport, we wanted the camera to be moving all the time.

WolFang Digital DJI Ronin gimbal services at World Tennis Association WTA workshop
Our Ronin gimbal stabilizer package comes with Steadicam operator, wireless follow focus system and focus pullerBaron (Director Of Photography)

Rather than simply having the camera mounted on a tripod, we wanted the camera to be kinetic, moving with the players and recording cinematic moves around the court. With an electronic gimbal like the Ronin, we were able to get stable shots every time, even when we were running.

Our spotter manually recovering a quadcopter when children wander into our landing site.

Technology has just given us faster ways to do things but the demands from the industry hasn’t made it much easier. We are always on our toes. This is the assurance we give our clients, that they can rely on us to use the best tools for their projects.

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