How To Choose A Dive Torch For Underwater Video


How to choose a dive torch for underwater video by Baron Abas, WolFang Digital

FB Live with Baron Abas and OrcaTorch on How To Choose A Dive Torch

Join our adventure as we scale Irau, the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands and explore the mossy forest with our American guide, Stephen and the Sony Action Cam X3000 in 4K. Subtitles are available- click on the CC buttons at bottom right of your YouTube player

Our aerial video team wear high-visibility vests when working on location.FB Live with Baron and OrcaTorch
How to select the perfect diving torch for you? It goes down to features, preference, budget and what you want to do with the torchBaron Abas (Director Of Phototgraphy)

It was fantastic to reach out to you and the rest of the world on last night’s FB Live with Orcatorch. Here’s the recorded video. We had a live stream lucky draw and gave away a D570-GL dive torch. This video with brand ambassador @Baron Abas helps you understand diving torches better. ENJOY!

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