Learn how to fly drones from professional drone pilot with years of experience in aerial videography

Drone Flying Course By Professional Aerial Drone Pilots

Learn to fly with confidence, learn to shoot amazing aerial videos with your drone

WolFang Digital drone instructors preparing for our drone flying course

Learn Wide Range of Drones

We teach you how to fly mini drones to hobby drones and advanced camera equipped drones

Drone Flying Course students learning how to fly FPV (First Person View)

Professional Pilots

Our trainers are professional drone pilots who fly advanced camera drones for aerial videography

Our students become better pilots after learning to fly drones in flight simulators

Learn to Fly Drones Today

You don’t need flying experience. Our course can teach you to fly in a very short time

Why is our training so effective?

Because we begin your training by teaching you how to fly with flight simulators, just like real pilots. And then you graduate to training drones and finally to the bigger, more advanced drones

You will learn how to

  • Fly FPV (First Person View) Racing Drones
  • Fly and learn with a flight simulator. Crash, learn, repeat, become a better pilot
  • Start learning with hobby drones, graduated to advanced aerial video drones
  • Learn how to edit aerial videos and photos, make your own aerial videos
Drone Pilot Training Course by WolFang Digital

Why choose our Drone Flying Course

Our course is taught by professional drone pilots who have years of experienced working with aerial drones and aerial videography

We teach you how to shoot (and edit) amazing aerial videos like this:

Our Drone Flying Course will help you to

  • Learn how to fly drones with the proper techniques, the correct way
  • You will learn to fly with confidence in a very short time
  • Gain experience flying different types of drones
  • Learn which drone is the best drone for you


Students who completes our Drone Flying Course will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion

Drone Flying Course Fees


RM 800

Per student
  • 1 full day
  • Certificate
  • Customized Syllabus
  • private class
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RM 2,900

Per Student
  • 3 full days
  • Certificate
  • Customized Syllabus
  • private class
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HRDF Claimable Training with HRDF Certified Trainer by WolFang Digital

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