DJI ronin gimbal for rental with Certified Steadicam Operator

DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer Services

The best part of the deal? This system will be handled by a Certified Steadicam Operator and recording 4K videos.

Hollywood quality camera moves with DJI Ronin

Complex and smooth camera moves are much easier to achieve but you need an experienced operator to handle the Ronin

Our Steadicam operator has undergone intensive training and has been certified by Tiffen USA

Imagine a Steadicam operator working on the Ronin

Combine a Steadicam operator (who is used to handling more complex rigs) with the Ronin and you will get incredible steady shots

A gimbal operator who is a cinematographer will know how to:

  • Frame your shots (it sounds simple, but without a cinematographer’s eye, it becomes a challenge)
  • Apply the proper speed for a specific move
  • Move or stop at the right moment
  • Communicate well with film making crew
  • Give suggestions related to lights and scene blocking
  • Suggest the best camera moves for your scenes
  • Work with your camera and existing gear

DJI Ronin camera stabilizer operated by a Certified Steadicam Operator in reality show Kampung
WolFang Digital offers DJI Ronin 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System with Certified Steadicam Operator

A Steadicam operator is also a cinematographer

When you hire us as your Ronin gimbal operator, you get a film maker; an artist and a technician.

The Ronin stabilizer handles better than a traditional Steadicam because its

  • Faster to set up and deploy
  • Works great over rough terrain
  • Gives you steady shots every time
  • Can navigate narrow spaces
  • Not effected by wind

Hire our DJI Ronin with our Certified Steadicam Operator

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