Dive Torch Maintenence / New Dive Torch D700 Preview


Baron Abas going FB Live with OrcaTorch

This Live session covers dive torch storage & maintenance (including how to replace and lubricate O-rings). We also asked you what you prefer in our dive torches (eg. rotary switches vs push button, max brightness on switch on vs low brightness). Any the highlight was the preview of a new D700 dive torch which doesn’t need a charger.
Thanks to all your comments and feedback from last night’s Live. There were so many good suggestions that we didn’t have time to read them all out. Thanks so much for making the session with Orcatorch a lively one… it felt like a cosy family get together. Congrats to lucky draw winner Predag Last !!! If you haven’t suggest to Orcatorch what you’d like us to present in the next Live, you can also comment here.

For the next FB Live with OrcaTorch, head over to: https://www.facebook.com/OrcaTorch/videos/249018246149040/

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