Cross Country Air Adventure: Malacca

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Cross country flying adventure with Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cross Country Flying with Sony Action Cam and Sony RX10M3

We flew cross country in a loose formation to attend an air carnival. In the formation were Cessna Skyhawk, Skyhawk 2, Super Petrel LS and Pipistrel Sinus. And then an interview with Andreas Walthers, owner of Air Adventure Flying Club. There are highways of air traffic in the sky so we talk about formation flying and radio communications

We filmed our air adventures with Sony Action Cam X3000 and Sony RX10M3. The Action Cam proved steadfast again, being attached to the wing of a Cessna Skyhawk. It was removed upon landing in Malacca and reattached again before take-off. Not once did we have doubts about its integrity.

Cross country flying with Air Adventure Flying Club and video shooting by Baron Abas

Our RX10M3 was a blessing to have in the sky. Inside a Cessna 172, the compact body of the RX10M3 could be wielded around easily for aviation shots, despite the plane being full with passengers.

The RX10M3 has a focal length of up to 600m, giving us the option to capture close-up shots of our planes in the distance.Baron (Director Of Photography)

The fact that the RX10M3 has a Zeiss zoom lens with a focal length of up to 600mm gave us the option to capture close-up shots of our planes in the distance. The two cameras are the perfect team to have when you have to travel light and move fast.

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