WolFang Digital team using a Glidecam stabilizer to film a firefighting scene for MSTS Asia corporate video.

Corporate Videos: MSTS Asia- Safety Training Services.

Read the ‘Behind The Scenes’ here: MSTS Asia- Corporate Video Production- Behind The Scenes

When corporations need to manage and control emergencies in high risk areas, they rely on MSTS Asia to train them. When MSTS Asia wants a high-quality cororate video made, they called on WolFang Digital.

WolFang Digital provided the following services to make corporate videos:
1) Videography (4 days with high-definition camera, video director, crew and supporting accessories)
2) Video Editing (with motion design and video titles)
3) Voice-over recording (includes a choice of professional voice-over talent)
4) Royal-free music
5) Delivered on DVD and web-ready file (High Definition)

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