Into The Blue Wonderland


Into the Blue Wonderland- Underwater Videography by WolFang Digital

Into the Blue Wonderland- a Scuba adventure with OrcaTorch brand ambassador and Sony KOL Baron Abas

Videography Course 9 – 10 April 2019


Videography Course 2019 by WolFang Digital

Taught by professional videographer. Learn to shoot professional quality video, tips and tricks to get clear audio recording, use a gimbal to get steady videos while walking and running

The Best Dive Torches @ DRT 2019


Best Scuba Dive Torch at DRT

If you’re a new Scuba diver, what’s the best dive torch for you? Hop on as we visit Dive, Resort Travel expo to find out.

Review: Scuba Diving Video Light- OrcaTorch D910V


OrcaTorch D910V Scuba Diving Torch Review by Baron Abas

Let’s face it, you want your Scuba videos to look vibrant and gorgeous (as opposed to dark, grainy and green-blue) and using an underwater video light the OrcaTorch D190V is the best way to do this

Teleprompter Services Available Now


Quick, easy teleprompter services no more memorising scripts

Quick, easy, professional teleprompter services now available at WolFang Digital. You don’t have to memorise your scripts anymore