Fly Day Mornings


flyday-drone-flying-class by wolfang digital

The weekdays are long, the weekends too short but thank God there’s FLY-Days

Underwater Video Shoot


Underwater videography & photography services by WolFang Digital

Underwater videography and photography services are available at WolFang Digital with full package of u/w camera, u/w cameraman, safety diver and scuba tanks

Intro to Aviation Photography


Aviation aircraft photography by WolFang Digital

Learn how to photograph airplanes and helis. Take up aviation photography and capture beautiful flying machines

Into The Blue Wonderland


Into the Blue Wonderland- Underwater Videography by WolFang Digital

Into the Blue Wonderland- a Scuba adventure with OrcaTorch brand ambassador and Sony KOL Baron Abas

Videography Course 9 – 10 April 2019


Videography Course 2019 by WolFang Digital

Taught by professional videographer. Learn to shoot professional quality video, tips and tricks to get clear audio recording, use a gimbal to get steady videos while walking and running