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Aerial video of EduCity Sports Complex

10 Reasons to hire WolFang Digital as your Aerial Videographers

It’s not just about carrying a camera up into the sky. It’s about getting smooth, stable aerial videos… even if you’re flying over the sea!

…and that takes a drone pilot with cinematography experience. That’s where WolFang Digital are experts at.

With aerial filmmaking, you can now give your videos that sweeping panaromic view from a unique elevated perspective. Aerial filming using helicopters is expensive, but with a remotely controlled multirotor, aerial filming is now affordable for you.

Helicopter videography is an expensive option. Our aerial video services can get you in the air faster for a longer time, is more affordable and give you more angles to choose from.

We have a full video production team to back you up. Our aerial videos cut seamlessly with tripod-mounted cameras on the ground.

Aerial filming service with our state-of-the-art radio controlled drone complete with industry standard camera stabilization technology.

The camera attached to our multirotor craft can capture high-resolution photos and high definition videos simultaneously. This makes it ideal for aerial filming.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should hire WolFang Digital for your aerial filming

1) We are professional videographers with over 13 years of experience

Knowing how to pilot a drone is only half the story. Our experience as videographers is a bonus. We know how to frame your shots and which angle to position our drone to give you the best looking videos and photos. We are pilots with a cinematographer’s eye.

2) Smooth, stable aerial videos and photos with camera stabilization system

Aerial photo of the Sports Complex at Educity Iskandar in Nusajaya, Johore, Malaysia. Filmed by our drone.

3) Experienced radio control pilots with videography background.

We have spent many hours flying our drones in the air at various altitudes and weather conditions. We don’t depend on GPS (autopilot) features during flight.

Our camera takes high-res photos of up to 12 megapixels. That’s more than good enough for printing full color A4 (8 X 12 inches) photos.

4) High resolution photos

The camera on our radio controlled drone shoots videos in full HD at 120 frames per second. This gives you smooth and sharp videos for your project.

5) 4K and High-definition videos

The camera on our radio controlled drone shoots videos in full HD at 120 frames per second for graceful slow motion videos. Our favorite is 4K videos which is 4 X the resolution of full HD.

TruckQuip manufacturing complex by WolFang Digital aerial video and aerial photo services

6) No dependence on GPS (autopilot) system

Our drones are flown manually. This means we are always in full control of our craft even in areas where there are little or no satellite reception (cities and highly populated areas).

7) Monitor your flight in realtime on a high-definition screen

You get to see exactly what our drone is filming as we are flying, on a clear, sharp LCD display. You see what our drones sees in-flight in realtime, with no delay… it’s all happening live.

8) Combination of technology and art

We have the technology to fly and control our drone, stabilize the camera and provide you live video feed. We combine this with our filmmaking experience and our eye for cinematography- knowing how to move the drone and select the best angle for you.

9) Video editing and color-correcting services

As a video production studio, we already have facilities to edit and color-correct your videos and photos. Your final product could be a high-definition web-ready video with your logo, intro titles, music and even voice-over narration.

Tugu Negara (National Monument) of Malaysia- aerial photo by WolFang Digital

10) Affordable flight sessions

Coming from a videography background, we love what we do as radio control pilots and we are dedicated to help you get your shot without all that flight jargon. Unlike our competitors, our rates are more affordable.

Aerial videography at close range filming a parkour athlete in action

We have spent a lot of time in research, training and selecting our gear to give you a pleasant flight experience with us. Contact us to discover the world of aerial videography and photography with us.

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Aerial photo of the Sports Complex at Educity Iskandar in Nusajaya, Johore, Malaysia. Filmed by our drone.
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