Steadicam Training for TV3 Malaysia

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Baron Abas (Certified Steadicam Operator) teaches Steadicam skills to the camera crew at TV3, Malaysia

Steadicam Training for national tv station, TV3 Malaysia

We started another Steadicam training session early in the morning at TV3, our national TV station. The new operators knew it would be a lot of hard work and practice before they could be good with a Steadicam but they were excited and eager to begin training.

The start of a fun day teaching Steadicam to the next group of operators for our national TV station

My new Steadicam students are awesome- they knew it would be tough being a Steadicam operator but they did all the exercises without excuses. Next year when you see quality shots on TV3, you can thank them.

Baron delivers Steadicam theory lessons before the operators get to strap on the gear
TV stations use heavy ENG cameras with powerful radio transmitters but the Steadicam handles this combo very wellBaron (Certified Steadicam Operator)

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