WolFang Digital cinematographers preparing AX100 4K handycams for Kampung Quest

Sony AX100 4K Handycam Tutorial and Review- How to shoot 4K videos

Here is our honest field-tested review and step by step tutorial on using Sony’s 4K Handycam. For novice and seasoned videographers.

We’ve included tips and tricks, including:
SteadyShot comparison
4K video setup
Hard disk recommendation
Exposure settings for ideal video capture
Easy focusing with Spot Focus using LCD touch screen

And many more…

Cinematography team preparing AX100 cameras on the set of Kampung Quest reality show in the jungle.
We’ve used the AX100 extensively in good and bad weather, indoors and in the jungles for our filmmaking projectsBaron (Cinematographer)

We’ve used the AX100 extensively in good and bad weather, indoors and in the jungles in our filmmaking projects. We really love this camera. Don’t be fooled by its simple body design. This camera is a workhorse with pro level features.

The AX100 filming at night on a DJI Ronin stabilizer filming Jeremy Teo, the host of Kampung Quest.

The AX100 performed wonderfully when our team used it for KampungQuest adventure reality show. We filmed in pitch black in the middle of the night in a jungle. We used it in the rain with little cover. We used it in the scorching weather. Not once did it give us any problems.

We know how to calculate our endurance time from a fresh battery. We know how much juice it takes to get into position but more importantly, we know how much power we need to return and land.

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