Baron Abas Selected as Key Opinion Leader for Sony Malaysia

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Baron Abas appointed as Sony Key Opinion Leader by Sony Malaysia
Baron Abas selected as Sony Key Opinion Leader

I’m officially appointed as a Sony Key Opinion Leader. Our gratitude to Sony for their steadfast support and this recognition. I am proud to hold the title equivalent to an ambassador to one of the biggest and most innovative camera manufacturer in the world.

Watch my presentation below. I talk about using the RX100IV and AX100 cameras. I also feature the sport of Parkour and reality show Kampung Quest.

This appointment was made official during Sony’s Experience 2015 event. This was where Sony unveiled a trio new 4K cameras- RX100 II, A7r II and RX100 IV.

We applaud the efforts Sony is taking to make cameras that are geared towards cinematographersBaron (Cinematographer)

In the past, video did not seem to be in the top of list when they designed cameras. Now, all that has changed. We applaud the efforts Sony is taking to make cameras that are geared towards videographers/cinematographers.

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