Speedway Tactics Racing

Our new short film lets you feel the rush in a modded-up sports car. Enjoy watching them tear up the race track but don’t be driving anytime soon!

3 cameras were deployed to make this short film. The ground cameras was the new RX10 Mark III from Sony which sports a 24-600mm lens that gave us close-up coverage of the race from far. This is a camera that shoots in 4K, that’s 4 times the resolution of full HD.

The car-mounted camera was a Sony Action Cam AS50 which incorporated image stabilization that reduced vibrations from the race. It held on despite the rough twists and turns.

In the sky we flew a 3DR Solo drone to gave us full view of the race track. We piloted the drone and chased the hero car, effectively getting the epic camera moves.

This project shows how we excel at effectively combining multiple cameras to make a dynamic and exciting filmBaron, Director Of Photography

Each camera excelled at a specific job. This short film shows how we effectively combine multiple cameras to get a dynamic and exciting film.

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