Kampung Quest (season 2)

WolFang TV Shows

Kampung Quest cinematography by Baron Abas

This adventure reality TV show was filmed in 4K by Baron Abas (MySC) our Director Of Photography. 10 individuals compete against each other in physical, mental and social quests.

Into The Blue

WolFang Underwater Scuba Diving

Into The Blue- Scuba diving video by Baron Abas with Action Cam AS50

We bring you underwater scuba action from Tioman island in Malaysia, filmed by Baron Abas, Director Of Photography and certified scuba diver

Freerun Putrajaya

WolFang Aerial Videos, Promo Videos and short films

Slow motion parkour with Red Bull Abudi Alsagoff

This short film shows Red Bull athlete Abudi Alsagoff as he parkours in slow motion across the city. Aerial videography was used to capture the scenic Putrajaya landscape. Call us for your video projects +6 03 8051 4020

Borneo Longhouse Adventure

WolFang Aerial Videos

Borneo Sarawak Longhouse Adventure- Aerial Video Services Malaysia

In this part of the world, kids ride little boats to get to school. We fly you over tribal longhouses in Borneo and let you experience the simple life of Sarawak kids. Aerial cinematography by WolFang Digital