Learn how to produce smooth, gliding Hollywood quality camera moves using camera stabilisation systems.

If you want to create extremely smooth and graceful shots similar to those produced in big budget Hollywood films, this course is for you.

Walk, run, jump, climb stairs and still get perfectly steady videos.

Our Glidecam Videography Course has two levels: Novice and Intermediate

Novice Level Features:

Learn how to balance a handheld camera stabilisation system like the Glidecam and Steadicam Merlin
Learn how to walk and move like a professional Glidecam/Stedicam operator
Perform graceful dolly and tracking shots.

Intermediate Level Features

Use the Glidecam Stabilizing Arm and more graceful camera moves
Wear the Glidecam Vest for greater camera support
Learn more advanced camera moves like arching (circling), cornering, Don Juan/Missionary shots.


A new career option is open to you as a Glidecam/Steadicam operator
Introduce smooth, flowing camera moves into your videos
You walk, run and jump but still get perfectly steady video.

The Trainer

Training is conducted by Baron. View his qualifications and credentials here.


Certificates of Completion are awarded to participants who pass the exam

Novice Level

Course Duration: 1 day (7 hours total)
Fees (Corporate): RM 1,000 or USD 355
Recommended for: Wedding Videographers, Event Videographers, Young Film Makers

Intermediate Level

Course Duration: 2 days (14 hours total)
Fees (Corporate): RM 1,850 or USD 597
Recommended for: Professional Videographers, Film Directors, Directors of Photography

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