Aerial Videography in Borneo

Aerial Videography Services in Borneo

Our aerial videography services were called upon to film in Borneo again. And this time, we travelled deeper into Bintulu, Sibu and Kuching.

We were hired to produce a documentary that showed how tele communications were set-up for longhouses and villages in Borneo. This technology let the villagers enjoy internet and connect with the outside world.

Acrobatic awesomeness by the parkour team at AOXM

Most of the footage in the short film were taken with our UAS aerial platform. If you are looking for serenity close to nature, take a trip to Borneo. It will prove rewarding!

We specially selected footage that we shot for our client to make a special short film. This film offers you a glimpse into the lifestyle of the simple tribal folk living at the edge of the forest.

240 fps- this speed is perfect to slow down the the human form moving beautifully at high speed.Baron (Aerial Cinematographer)

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